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Investigative Research for Your Court Cases

About Charles Richard Investigations

You can rely on the private investigators of Charles Richard Investigations to collect valuable information. Our surveillance gets in close to obtain evidence. You have our personal assurance that all communications are held in privacy. Count on us when you're in need of criminal and civil investigations.

Get your investigations done quickly when you hire our services. Our company uses several of the most advanced technologies to extract important data. When you have a missing person in your life, count on us to track them down and figure out where they are.

After 10 years of working as an investigator, our founder decided to establish this company. We are licensed, bonded, and certified in Washington, DC, with a seat on the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel. Since then, we have provided our services to keep the community safe.

Providing You with Investigative Evidence

Looking for information about people on your own usually ends up at a dead end. You either find too little or too much data. Rely on Charles Richard Investigations to gather vital information for your search. Our agency provides assistance with running background checks or when you are in need of information for court cases in the Washington, DC area.



Count on Charles Richard Investigations of Washington, DC, to provide you with accurate civil and criminal investigations. We assist you with tracking legal information and process serving.

Walking People

Background Checks

Find out vital information about people, to provide assistances for court cases and hiring processes. We use our background checks to help you locate missing persons as well.

Background Checks
Surveillance Camera


Rely on us to monitor potential crime scenes and record legal evidence for a court case. We document your events through surveillance which helps prevent crimes from occurring.

Heir Search