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Checking Out People for Your Security

Reveal information about peoples' lives with a background check or a missing person's report from Charles Richard Investigations. We provide knowledge about a person to aid you with your research about them. This is useful for employers who are trying to hire people and need to know their history, or attorneys who need evidence in a case. We use background checks to assist you in finding lost persons as well.

Background Checks

Count on us to reveal the truth about people. We draw out information by gathering data on their cell phone records, assets, relatives, and associates. The data we provide is useful, as we research exactly what you need for a background check. There are several websites that provide you with minimal data on a person, but we are licensed to dive deeper and perform surveillance and investigations. The service we provide is also cheaper than relying on a large company for information.

Finding Lost Loved Ones

Become reacquainted with a family member who has been lost, through our investigations. Rest assured when you rely on us, we are here to bring families back together. This service assists you in finding a lost mother, father, brother, sister, or any other missing person. The process takes longer than background checks, but we will work hard to ensure we accomplish this task. Count on our ability to gather information to help end your search.